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Beach House Interior Ideas

Beach House Interior Ideas

Beach house interiors aren’t meant to be bland and boring! They should be designed to feel like a vacation! Here are some interior design ideas to get you started on the beach-inspired road. You can add your own unique touch to your beach house with these ideas. Just remember to stay within a budget! Listed below are some tips to help you find a look that suits your style and budget. Read on to learn more!

Light colors

If you’re looking for a fresh take on beach-house design, consider light hues. Pale blues and greens are classic, but you can add a contemporary twist by incorporating bold hues, like hot pink or coral. These colors are nearly color wheel opposites, but they work well together to create a refreshing, beachy feel. For example, Carolyn Thayer Interiors used watery blues and greens throughout her coastal home in Massachusetts. The room also includes nautical details, such as a fern plant in a basket on the floor.


When designing your beach house, textures are an important part of your decor. Unlike urban residences, beach homes tend to be less formal. Textures, such as wood or rough fabrics, reflect the relaxed, casual atmosphere of the coastal lifestyle. Other materials that have texture include seashells, stones, pebbles, and burlap. Use seashells as flooring or as counter tops in your bath. Textures add depth to the interior of your beach house.

Coastal decor

To bring a touch of the sea to your home, incorporating beach decor into your home’s interior ideas is essential. The relaxed atmosphere created by coastal decor is very easy to replicate through decorative details and furnishings. Even psychologists recommend that you have at least one piece of beach house interior in your home, as it can help you combat feelings of melancholy. Coastal decor can add a whimsical, beach-like feel to any space.

Rustic decor

If you love the natural light that comes from the beach, rustic coastal interior ideas are ideal for adding natural elements. You can use wicker furniture and coastal-themed accents. To add natural touches, consider adding driftwood to your home. A glass coffee table with driftwood base is an excellent choice for this rustic coastal, interior theme. If you are decorating for a beach house, you can also add a unique accent wall.

Tropical prints

If you want to add a touch of the tropics to your interior design scheme, you can use tropical prints and patterns. You can even incorporate them into a room with simple accessories. These include fluffy towels, a simple accessory set, and an excellent piece of art. Below are some ideas for using tropical prints and patterns to transform a room into a paradise. They are also easy to incorporate and will add instant flair to your decor scheme.

Rattan chairs

If you want to create a natural, comfortable look in your home, try adding some rattan chairs or simple-upholstered sofa. Rattan is a kind of wood that is derived from the thin pliable stems of palm trees. They look great in modern spaces, too. Rattan chairs are easily available in the Philippines. A popular designer of modern furniture has adopted rattan in his designs. Read on to discover more ways to incorporate rattan into your home.

Wood floors

When it comes to beach house interior ideas, wood floors are an obvious choice. Lighter colors like white, beige, and grey will lend a light, airy feel to your home. Reclaimed wood floors add a rustic charm and are easy to maintain. You can also choose distressed wood flooring to give your home an authentic beach house feel. A small space is an ideal location for wide plank flooring. Wide plank floors make small bungalows feel larger and airier.

Upcycled vintage finds

If you’re looking for a unique way to decorate your beach house, consider using upcycled vintage finds. For example, a 1930s beach cottage in Maine is decorated with aqua furniture and blue shutters. In the same town, best-selling author Mary Kay Andrews repurposed ice cream containers into lamps to create a unique look. And if you’re decorating a modern beach cottage, try using wallpaper with a coastal view. The Summercamp Hotel in Martha’s Vineyard uses Phillip Jeffries’ “Fade” wallpaper.

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