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How to recover from orthopedic surgery

How To Recover From Orthopedic Surgery

The main aim of the recovery phase of any orthopaedic surgery is to get back to your feet as quickly as possible. This is undertaken in a safe manner and some changes to your diet or lifestyle is suggested to aid the process of recovery faster. Do keep in mind that all instructions or guidelines prescribed by the doctor is to be followed in a diligent manner.

The recovery or healing process is going to take somewhere between 4 to 7 weeks once the surgery is over. At this point of time reduced levels of activity along with rest is suggested. Do not rush into anything as this will have an impact on the recovery process and lead to exhaustion. A detailed instruction is going to be provided on the activities that needs to be taken once the surgery is over. There is no need to engage in any form of medications that is not to be taken. Before heading home if something is not clear it is always better to ask your health care provider. Follow up appointments are likely to be provided in order to check the incision and the staples will be removed. This visit is very important and you should not miss it.

How you are planning to get home?


You will be restricted from driving once a surgery is over and this is going to extend till 6 weeks once the surgery is over. This would mean that you would need someone to drive you to your home. The surgeon is going to suggest on when you can return back to normal activities. There is also an option to seek out for transportation services which is available in your area.

Home preparation

The goal of any orthopaedic surgery is to help you function in an independant manner in your home. This is in relation to the daily day to day activities as well. In fact do expect that it is going to take several weeks for you to recover once the surgery is over. Some changes are suggested in the way you live in your home for the first few months after knee, shoulder or hip surgery. The mobility will be restricted at this point of time and your home should be comfortable and easy to live in at this point of time.

There should be a careful thought to some changes that you would need to make to your home before the surgery. This will decrease your falls and make the process of recovery a lot fast as well. Store items particualry food ones near the bassients, so that you do not have to stoop down or climb up. Do make it a point that you stay on the main area of your home.

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