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Villas were meant as an extremely niche and luxurious form of accommodation in the past. Things have progressed a long way since then and prices of all villas do not skyrocket as much as they used to back in the day. A lot of this can also be attributed to the fact that the purchasing power of people have risen as compared to before and with that there has been a substantial increase in the demand for luxury housing.

The north of Bangalore has grown in prominence in the past couple of years due to the availability of vast stretches of empty land. This is a major reason why a large chunk of independent villas in Bangalore are located in this part of town and an area which was counted as the outskirts is now one of the most in-demand real estate hotspots of Bangalore. Mentioned below are the pros and cons of owning a villa.


  • Returns- If you have the money to buy a villa then it is good to know that there are better returns on investment not just for the fact that a large sum of money has just been paid. It is also for the fact that villas are a unique type of accommodation and hence appreciate a bit faster in value as compared to other more common types of accommodation. A lot also depends on the area or locality in which the villa is built.
  • Serenity- Villas are usually constructed a little farther away from the more popular localities. This allows the residents of a villa that extra bit of peace and serenity. Villas near Bangalore airport would be a good choice for such needs.
  • Space- Villas generally have a lot of space and usually much more than what is needed. The rooms are very spacious and large and quite a few if not all of the gated villas in north Bangalore come with lovely manicured lawns.
  • Amenities- At times, these could be the standout feature of owning a villa. Things like a jogging track, sports facilities table tennis/basketball/tennis, etc. clubhouse and swimming pools are generally part and parcel of the villas in Yelahanka.
  • Personalisation- Given the fact that the villa and the piece of land on which it is built are both owned privately, one can make many changes without having to bother about neighbours or to take continuous permission from apartment societies.


  • Higher than usual investment- Buying a house is generally the single largest investment one makes in their lifetime. Hence, it would be wise to look into all other financial aspects before investing in one of the priciest forms of residential accommodation around. Apart from that, villas are generally a good investment for more reasons than one.
  • Location- What is sometimes an advantage is also amongst the biggest disadvantages at times. Villas, as mentioned before, are generally made a little away from the crowded residential areas. Though villas generally afford a lot of seclusion and isolation, this could also be negative since most of the things would at least be a short distance away. If you have the time and energy to travel the extra distance, go have a look at some of the villa projects near Devanahalli
  • Maintenance costs-There is no doubt that people who stay in villas have a much higher monthly or annual maintenance bill as compared to others who stay in residential apartments or similar types of accommodation. Given that the villa is built over a larger space, general utilities will be used on a higher basis than usual.
  • Limited car parking- While this is not always a problem with all villa projects, more often than not these villas come with car parking for one or maybe two cars at the best. Given the fact that a prospective owner already has enough money to buy a villa, chances are that he or she will definitely have more than one car. This will be even more applicable in the case of families with children.

As can be seen from the above, the pros and cons of a villa are clearly outlined. Everything generally has negatives but villas have a couple of positives which are specifically tailored to this type of accommodation. If money is not an issue and unless any of the cons mentioned above are not a problem directly, there is no reason why one should not go and purchase one of the villas in north Bangalore.

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