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Should I pursue MCA through Correspondence?

Should I pursue MCA through Correspondence?

With the growing importance of internet and other latest computer technologies, the value and the demand of computer education has increased. Lately, we have observed a great rush of students opting for BCA and MCA as their fields of study once they pass their higher secondary exams. Studying computers might seem easy to you but maintaining your stature in the industry becomes difficult as you have to keep yourself updated every now and then. The world of computers is too volatile, a software that was popular a week back might not be good today because there is one more competitor software launched in the market.

Hence, it is important to maintain your love for computers all the time. if you are ready to fight this battle, there are courses like BCA (Bachelors in Computer Application) and MCA (Masters in Computer Application). BCA is a bachelor’s degree and MCA is a post graduate degree for people who already have a computer background and experience, and wish to take their careers ahead in the same field. There are plenty of colleges in India offering MCA courses and you would of course wish to join a reputed on-campus course to complete your education.

But, have you given a thought of pursuing MCA through distance education? If you have not thought yet, we insist to have a look at various reputed universities, which are offering great MCA courses through correspondence. MCA is considered to be one of the most sought-after degree courses in computers and distance learning MCA has already opened up further opportunities for students and working professionals who look forward to upgrade their education and qualification in search of better career prospects. The correspondence MCA is the best for the candidates who are working or for people who cannot attend a regular college due to their current situations.

A correspondence course in MCA is good because you can learn and, in the meantime, work to increase your experience. If you are keen and inclined towards joining an MCA correspondence course, here are some of the facts around it.

Eligibility for MCA course

To pursue an MCA course regular or through distance learning, it is important to have a computer related bachelors degree. Ideally, a candidate should hold a BCA degree or in computers or a similar kind of computer degree with Mathematics being the major subject. Even the IT engineers can pursue MCA and improve their resume.

The actual eligibility to join an MCA course would depend from institute to institute. A few institutes like to conduct a practical exam before they accept enrolments from the students. Thus, while applying to an MCA correspondence course, you must check it with the college or university about their eligibility criteria.

That being said, the admission in an online degree program or distance education university is much easier as the selection process is quite lenient.

Benefits of pursuing MCA through distance education

  • MCA in distance learning mode offers flexible learning opportunities to the learners and imparts in-depth knowledge and understanding of the field. Not only they provide theoretical lectures and study material but they also provide enough scope for practical training.
  • The distance learning MCA is going to offer you more opportunities to choose from. As compared to the traditional on-campus colleges, the distance learning classes are more interactive and interesting.
  • Most of the employers support their juniors when they come to know that their juniors are investing their time in learning a new skill. Most of the multi-national companies even provide sabbaticals to the employees so that they can complete their course and come back to the company with new skills, talent and the latest knowledge about technologies.
  • An online MCA course will always provide you the scope to try for some new career opportunities because employers are always looking for candidates with good knowledge, better degrees and lively personality.

There are many universities that offer online or distance learning MCA. Some of them are IGNOU, Annamalai University, Venkateshwara University, Mewar University and more. Largely, a candidate can pursue MCA in distance education immediately after finishing with his or her 12th grade. Of course, the major subject should be mathematics and there is a course a combined MCA course of five years after 12th. You can also opt for two years MCA if you are already a graduate and do not have time to spend another five years in education.

Once, you have an MCA degree in hand, your career prospects are going to level up high. The demand for MCAs in the international market is too high and many foreign companies are looking out for talented individuals who can prove their mettle in the battlefield of information technology.

It is high time that you think and enrol in a distance learning MCA course.

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