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The different types of pregnancy tests for a would be mother

Quiet often a woman is asked how she can confer that she is pregnant. There are some early signs of pregnancy and a series of tests. These pregnancy tests at doctor’s chamber or could be undertaken at a clinic as well. Let us now observe the different types of pregnancy tests

Home tests

These are available in digital or standard forms. In case of the former you can use it to 6 days from the last date of your missed period, whereas in case of the latter it is 4 days from the last date of your missed period. Be aware that if you conduct the test early, chances of false negative could arise. This points to the fact that you are positive but a false result may emerge.

The test has to be undertaken the first thing in the morning as the hormone and urine levels tends to be more concentrated then. But this does not point to the fact that the test results have to be accurate. If the test happens to be negative you can be part of the test in your period has not gone on to start.

Digital tests are more sensitive and could provide results faster than a standard test. The women are known to prefer digital tests as a flash on the screen in the form of pregnant or non-pregnant is displayed. At the same time be aware that digital tests are more expensive and the chances are that you are going to need a few of them.

Urine test

This also goes by the name of clinical urine test. Normally at the doctor’s office this test is performed and not effective to be undertaken in commercial pharmacies. All the pregnancy tests work on the basic principle of HCG detection. The only difference would be that when you avail the services of a professional the scope of error reduce considerably. At the same time you need to be aware that this test is going to cost a lot more than HPT.

Blood tests

Normally these tests are undertaken at the chamber of a doctor and once again work on the principle of HCG detection. They are more expensive than the home based tests where the results work out to be a lot longer.

The first type of test is qualitative HCG blood test that checks whether HCG is produced in the body or not. A simple yes or no whether you are pregnant is ascertained by this method. The doctors suggest this test up to 10 days of the last date of your missed period. But some of the tests can go on to detect HCG much earlier.

Then comes the quantitative HCG blood test that proves to be the most accurate among all pregnancy tests. The specific levels of HCG in blood are found by this type of test. When the concentration of HCG is found any potential problems during the tenure of pregnancy can be avoided.

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