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The Royally of Blue

The Royally of Blue

Everyone is aware that women everywhere adore feminine floral prints! Floral saree looks stylish and elegant without appearing overly made-up, whether you’re attending your best friend’s wedding or an evening out at the fundraising gala event you planned. We all had idols for the old Bollywood stars, like Saira Banu, Sharmila Tagore, Hema Malini, and Waheeda Rehman. What is the first thing that springs to mind when we consider these movie icons? Their retro aesthetic, which was popular back then and still is to a certain extent. Every Indian woman has tried to ape this timeless look, whether it is with their floral saree, winged eyeliner, bouffant hair, or bell bottoms. No matter whatever variety you choose, the floral saree is an everlasting part of our desi culture and will make you seem stunning. If you’ve been in a long-lasting relationship with the lovely garment, invest in a floral saree that best reflects your sense of taste. Give a friend a floral saree as a gift to launch her on a new sartorial adventure and spread some joy among your loved ones. A floral saree brings out the elegant, feminine side of the wearer; experiment with unique ways to drape the lovely fabric and match it with unconventional blouse styles. Choose coordinating accessories, such as bags and handbags, hair accessories, and footwear. Try out various cosmetic styles to impress others around you and develop new trends. 

Navy blue saree

The saree is regarded as the traditional outfit for all Indian ladies since the beginning of time. Sarees are always thought to be elegant and femininely seductive, whether they are worn for a wedding, festival, religious function, or just for everyday wear. Hence, it is considered that a saree is appropriate for every occasion. Women occasionally find it challenging to select the ideal saree among the various styles and materials available. But when it comes to choosing the appropriate shade, most Indians worldwide share one thing in common: they all love wearing navy blue saree. A navy-blue colour saree offers all the benefits of making you look your best, whether you’re going for the ideal cocktail appearance or something to give you a light personality at a gathering. It is stated that navy blue saree prints and colours are the most captivating, imaginative, and beautiful. 

The navy-blue saree with golden border, which can be matched with some of the greatest accessories like some oxidised earrings or even a delicate pendant, is one of the most popular navy-blue saree trends. Finding a navy-blue designer saree is not difficult because there are so many options for navy blue bridal saree that will enthral everyone. You must acknowledge that all you require to boost your appearance at a wedding is a silk simple navy-blue saree. The navy blue Kanjivaram saree gives you a classic charm that will make you stand out from the crowd in addition to making your face appear more radiant. Every woman can carry off the saree look, but the women who are bold enough to stand out are the ones that succeed. If you are thinking of making a statement look at the party, then you should go ahead and choose a navy-blue net saree or a navy-blue ruffle saree as not only will it make you look braver, but it will increase your confidence level. Make a statement in that net saree!

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