Thursday, 13 Jun 2024

Would you opt for e cigarettes during the course of pregnancy?

Is vaping safe during pregnancy? This question would have sprung up many times. A lot of women are of the opinion that it works out to be a mechanism to cut or reduce smoking completely. But you need to be aware that still they go on to put nicotine into your body. For this precise reason it is not an apt choice for a woman who is pregnant or who happens to be breastfeeding as well.

On all counts vaping while pregnant is a strict no. As far as a regular cigarette evolves the moment you burn nicotine tobacco reaches out to your lungs. As most of us are aware tobacco goes on to contain hundreds of toxic chemicals. Any vapour that emerges from an electronic cigarette does go on to contain serious implications that we would be discussing later. There are going to be traces of chemicals like nickel or chromium that would go on to harm the developing baby as well.  The worst part is that the liquids which you in case of electronic cigarettes is not regulated.

There are a lot of myths that is associated with electronic cigarettes. Out of a survey that was conducted nearly 43 % of women did feel that it was a safe option when you compared it to regular cigarettes. 61 % were of the opinion that it could be a form of addiction and only 57 % did believe that it did contain nicotine. Out of the study that was conducted only 13 % of women did go on to use e cigarettes and one of the main reasons they did this was they felt that it was safe than the regular course of cigarettes.

But you need to understand that electronic cigarettes still go on to put nicotine into your body. Till now there is no safe level as far as exposure to nicotine in human beings are concerned. If there is exposure to nicotine before birth it could lead to alteration in the brain functioning levels and the possibility of premature delivery does exist.  Various types of birth defects along with infant syndrome are also common at this point of time. Any form of nicotine is it from regular or electronic cigarettes is bound to show up in your breast milk as well.

In the world that we are part of no woman and all the more a pregnant woman should never smoke. But sadly all of us are not part of such a world and women who smoke do go on to become pregnant. If you smoke and have become pregnant it is suggested that you need to stop smoking on an immediate basis. In case if you smoke and become pregnant, you need to discuss with your doctor on how to quit smoking. Just discuss with them that you are planning to make a switch over to electronic cigarette. This would be in relation to cut down on smoking as well.

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