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To know about the distance MBA career opportunities.

To know about the distance MBA career opportunities.

Lovely Professional University is one of the best-known private universities for distance education. LPU’s campus is 600 acres and has over 30,000 students. This article will help you know about the career opportunities of distance MBA at LPU University.

What are the career opportunities for the distance MBA in LPU?

Job prospects for lovely professional university mba distance are given by,

IT Services: Prospects in IT services include business solution developers, customer care executive, project analyst, project manager, Engagement Manager, Young Operations Manager, and Senior Operations, Manager

Sales and Marketing: Management Apprenticeship for Organizations brand manager data, analyst sales executive and marketing executives

Financial Services: Partner Relations, financial analyst and business development executives.

Tourism and Hospitality: You will get opportunities in an Operations Executive, Customer Relations Executive, and logistics executives

HRM (Human Resource Management) and Administration: Office Assistant, Backend Responsibilities, Recruitment and Research Processes in Organizations and Office Administrators.

Retail: Visible merchandiser, salesperson, store manager, and retail managers in marketing campaigns.

What is the process for applying for an MBA distance education program at LPU?

The procedure for applying for a lovely professional university mba distance is given by,

First, you can purchase a prospectus and start filling out the application form. You can purchase it from the university campus and you can also download the application form from the LPU DE official website. It is a compulsory process for the MBA distance education course.

You must attach the required documents with your application. You can attach a copy of the required certificate. You can attach a valid photo ID issued by a government agency. Further, you may submit 2 passport photos and demand draft which the fee is stated by the LPU University.

Next, you can move to the checkout. You can pay in DD form to Lovely Faculty Education. You must write your name, father’s name, phone number, application ID, application number, course code, and course used on the back of the DD. Remember you cannot pay in cash. 

After the payment process is completed, you can submit the application form. You can print out the application for future reference. Keep it safe.

What are the advantages of a distance MBA in LPU?

The key advantages of a lovely professional university mba distance are given by,

  • You can study for a distance MBA anywhere, anytime in the world. You do not need to attend the regular classes for the distance MBA program.
  • If you live in any part of the country you can easily join the MBA program and start learning.
  • This distance education course is flexible according to your schedule. This will give you complete freedom to choose the study time for your course.
  • If you have no time to study during the day. You can study at night as well. For this, you will need a desktop with a reliable internet connection.
  • You can complete a distance MBA without a large number of people and cannot be stuck in traffic and avoid rush traveling by bus and train.
  • One of the major advantages of a distance MBA program is that the fees are lower compared to regular courses.

Don’t miss this golden opportunity for your higher education!!

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