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A comprehensive analysis of Eicher Pro 1049

A comprehensive analysis of Eicher Pro 1049

The Eicher pro 1049 us specifically designed to own the E483 engine along with turbocharger with an intercooler for BSIII and E483 4 cylinder CRS for BS-IV variant. The gross vehicle weight of this truck is 4995 kg with a wheelbase of 2750 mm.

In terms of engine and performance, it delivers a decent quality. The truck comes with E483 TCI 2V 4C and E483 2V 4C CRS engine for BSIII and BSIV variants respectively.  The previous one offers 95 PS @3200 RPM of max power and 285 Nm @ 1440 RPM of Max torque and the next one providing 95 PS @2600 RPM of Max power with a maximum torque of 300 Nm @1600 to 1800 RPM. In cases when the vehicle is completed loaded with goods, it tends to pick up quite fast with good acceleration because of ET30 S5 transmission paired with 5 speed along with Hybrid GSL gears. If you compare it with other sub 5 tonnes, Eicher Pro 1049 has better feedback considering its maintenance and uptime. This, in turn, helps for the truck to deliver good results in the long run.

The Eicher Pro 1049 has a wheelbase of 2750 mm and a cargo body length kg 3068 mm. With a gross vehicle weight kg 4995 kg, it can transport goods from one place to another quite easily. It also offers a payload of 2.7 tonnes @ CFSD which is amongst the USPs of this truck. It helps the vehicle is going through coarse roads quite smoothly and easily. This Eicher truck in India is the perfect set example for transporting goods such as water campers, milk tanks, parcels, fruits and veggies and white goods.

In terms of handling and suspension, the Eicher Pro 1049 does a good job. It’s tiltable and telescopic steering wheel helps in smooth long drive situations. The vehicle also has semi-elliptical laminated leaves suspensions which help snit in absorbing shocks quite efficiently. Ground clearance of 230 mm helps to go through the bumps easily. With a gradeability of 29%, the truck runs smooth kg muddy terrains and elevated slopes.

The Eicher Pro 1049 has hydraulic service brake and vacuum-assisted exhaust brake. This vehicle has a strong body which brings in greater safety for its users. The huge metallic bump in the front protects the front design. Also the close pitch strong load body helps in avoiding any sort of miscarriage for the vehicle.

The Eicher Pro is fitted with Digital instrument panel, soft-grip steering wheel, a paper holder in sun visor, easily accessible door trim pockets, 12V mobile charger with multi-point charger, engine inspection lamp and lockable glove box with tray. The adjustable 4 way ergonomically designed seats also tend to provide a great amount of comfort.

The interior of this vehicle is up to the mark in terms of pleasing the eye as well. It has beige colour interiors with a modern dual tone instrument panel. Also, there exists a 6 din multi-utility dashboard which helps with assisting one’s go-to essentials. It is indeed in every way an Eicher users saviour.

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