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Rules to follow while wearing Islamic spiritual jewelry

Rules to follow while wearing Islamic spiritual jewelry

Almost every person is permitted to wear spiritual jewelry no matter he belongs to what religion such as Hindu, Islamic, or Christianity regardless gender and age. But the thing is when it comes to Islamic religion, the person has to follow certain rules if he is wearing any kind of spiritual jewelry whether it is ayatul kursi pendant or any other. It is clearly given in their sacred book that if he doesn’t follow such rules he will be punished by their god, Allah. Their prayers will also be not accepted by the god and will not be permitted to enter any religious place like mosque and many more.

Rules to follow

There should be no photo

Both men and women are only allowed to wear the jewelry with engravings of their god’s name and should not have any photo on that. They can wear any type of jewelry and buy it from anywhere, from the market or any online website like These jewelries may include Allah rings, pendent, necklace and many other but they have to hide it while going to any public place. Also, hide while going to any religious place such as mosque, funeral ceremony and many more.

Remove while going to washrooms

The most important thing a person related to Islamic religion should always keep in mind is that he should remove all the spiritual jewelry while going to washroom regardless of gender. In case a person has forgotten to remove the jewelry before entering the toilet or washroom then he should hide the name of Allah engraved on ring. In case of pendent or necklace, the women should cover it with the clothes and turn it backside to hide the engraving. Moreover, if the person is wearing any jewelry that can create distraction while praying, it should also be removed before starting.

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