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Sims 3 and Sims 4 – Find Out Their Differences Here

The Sims was developed by Maxis and The Sims Studio and this is a series of video games. It was published by Electronic Arts. This franchise has already sold over 200 million copies worldwide and this is the best-selling video games series! This is why it is very popular for people who love role-playing games.  The Sims 3 was released on June 2, 2009, while the Sims 4 was announced on May 6, 2013. But what are the differences between these two? Let’s go ahead and find out!

All You Need To Know About The Sims 3

This is a sequel developed by The Sims Studio and was released in 2009. The Sims 3 is set 25 years before the original game. It features an open and seamless neighborhood with improved tools for different Sim creation. It also comes with an enhanced build and ‘buy’ mode functions as well as the introduction for wishes and goals.

This game introduced new forms of directed gameplay using small, step-wise goals that the player can choose to accept or reject. The Sims 3 had sold 1.4 million copies even on the first week which made it as the largest release in PC gaming history. This game has sold ocer over 10 million copies since its first release.

The Sims 4 And All Of Its Updates

Even for games, change is scary and we know that most of the time, we have high expectations of this. Since it is a new game, it calls for new features and The Sims 4 has a lot of it.  Here are just a few of the updates that you can find with The Sims 4:

  • All New Create-A-Sim. This tool will help you create custom characters. You can even customize them to make them look like your family and friends, or even like a celebrity! Nevertheless, you can make any character that you want from your imagination.
  • Cross-Neighborhood. Though this is not new since we already have this in The Sims 3, with The Sims 4, cross neighborhood travels are far easier. The neighborhood and future special worlds are not only short loading screen away, but you can now make regular trips even without compromising your timeline. Your sim can travel to a big city for work by day and come home to the suburbs by night.
  • Emotions Play A Huge Part In the Gameplay. The Sims 4 will have more social interactions. For example, a sim who’s feeling down may need some cheering up before they can hope to succeed and be more cheerful or become ambitious. Emotions will also be important with a sim’s ambitions to determine whether the sim gets bonuses. Mean sims will also enjoy some perks when they tease or fight.

The Sims 4 Free Download For PC

If you are thinking twice about spending money for you to enjoy The Sims 4, worry no more! Now, you can download this new game for free. Sims 4 kostenlos can now be downloaded for free as long as you meet the requirements. Your OS should be at least Win XP 32, processor of Core 2 Duo E4300 1.8GHz, Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core 4000+, memory of at least 2 GB RAM, your PCs graphic card should have wither GeForce 6600 GT or Radeon X1300 256MB. And also, your hard drive space should be at least 9 GB.

If you have all of the minimum requirements, then you can now download The Sims 4 for free and start enjoying the new updates of the game!

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