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Things to know about China factory inspection

Things to know about China factory inspection

There are surely many economic benefits to manufacture products from China but it comes with several risks too. Quality issues can be found with Chinese manufacturing units especially using the low-quality toxic parts, using child labor and so on. The best way of avoiding such quality issues is hiring a third-party factory inspection company or hiring a team of skilled inspectors who can deliver the quality report to your company. you can send your team of inspectors or can hire the China-based third-party inspection team for the purpose.

Methodology of quality assurance

There are several checks that can be performed throughout the production process but not all the methods are related to the products only.

Failure testing

The very first point of China factory inspection is the failure testing that is known as stress testing. During the process, inspectors may repeat one action at a different time to check how much stress the product can take.

Conformance test

The second point is to check whether the manufacturing product can conform to all the specification stated by its purchaser. They actually come in the form of colorations, drawings etc.

Internal testing check

Quality testing is not a matter of a day, it is actually a constant process for the company. On the day of the China factory inspection, inspectors will check and determine whether the internal testing and checks are being properly performed. 


Any good and reliable company should come with specific conditions that they expect the manufacturing factory to comply with their set conditions on pay and work. They will check whether there is any child worker is being used in the process.

Basic checking process

As the order is placed, inspectors will visit the factory. They will open and check the box of the products to examine them. They will check few factors initially like the color, size, material quality etc. they will perform further checks and will test the products with certain equipment.

What is failure tolerance?

When production companies receive an order, they get a contract with a specific tolerance rate. There can machine issues or human errors that are quite obvious in the process like plastic moldings etc. the rate of failure tolerance determines also the percentage of imperfections in every product before the contract is breached legally.

What the companies can do if the factory inspection fails?

If a shipment fails to meet all the necessary inspection and quality standards, the company can reject the shipment entirely. If the flaws are very little, there can be a fix request where the manufacturing unit will ask to rectify the issues. This point is possible only when there is a scope of repolishing, correcting a defecting part etc. If the entire batch of the product fails, it is hard to fix and the company can reject the entire shipment based on the report given by the inspectors. These inspections are important to get the reliable, real-time result of on manufacturing unit and the process of manufacturing.

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