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Which is The Best Fertility Centre in India?

Which is The Best Fertility Centre in India?


Nova IVI Fertility is one of the Best Fertility Centre in India. It has several chains in different parts of the country. So, if you are looking for successful infertility treatment in India, you can contact the medical tourism companies in the country who will help you in getting a timely appointment in the hospital.

There are over twenty fertility centres of Nova in India, and the doctors in each of them possess the speciality in the treatment of all types of infertility. Nova fertility centres in India have been a blessing for all those who were not able to conceive in spite of trying it for several years. As per the survey conducted on the 200 patients who received infertility treatment last year, the success rate is 98%, and the 2% are still under repetitive cycles of IVF.

The doctors in Nova Fertility Centre are devoted towards their work and put their dedicated efforts to get a possible cure for the patient. All the national and international patients leave the fertility centre with utmost satisfaction.

What are all facilities provided in the best fertility centre in India?

The top fertility centres in India are the one-stop-shop for all the medical requirements. Let us have a look, the facilities provided by them; that creates a difference.

  • Talking about Nova or other top fertility centres in India like International Fertility Centres, the best part is the transparency in the cost of the treatment. As the infertility treatment can be expensive, the fertility centres help them to make the payment in easy EMI.
  • You receive all the services like prognosis, medication, treatment and rehabilitation under one roof. You do not have to move here and there for varied purposes.
  • Most of the Best Infertility Hospital in India are NCBI Accredited. It ideally means that the infrastructure of the hospital satisfies International Standards. A patient receives complete comfort and convenience in the hospital premises along with assured hygiene.
  • The team of medical specialists include doctors, sexologists, gynaecologists, embryologists, counsellors and consultants. So, a patient receives assistance from the experts and also the treatment from top specialists, rather sub-specialists.
  • The hospital is well-connected, so the patient or the attendant do not suffer many issues in moving from one place to another.
  • For international patients, the hospital provides additional facilities for drop and pick up from the airport. It offers convenience to the patients to reach out to the hospital in an international country.
  • The patients receive complete support and guidance from counsellors whenever necessary. The specialists provide an alternative method of treatment if a particular procedure fails.
  • The specialists in India make use of latest and updated technology, to improve the chances of success of treatment.

Final Words:

If you are struggling for pregnancy, plan your medical tourism to India. Here, it is possible to receive best-in-class treatment for sterility at an affordable cost. In case you suffer difficulty in getting a timely appointment in the best fertility centres, you can approach medical tourism companies, who can help you in connecting with the top doctors and much more.

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