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Handy Examines Why People Are Obsessed with True Crimes

Handy Examines Why People Are Obsessed with True Crimes


With the ever-increasing aggression of crime and criminality in our society, our obsession with true crime is seen to have enhanced as well. People love the genre, be it a TV show, a novel, or a movie series. In this article, Handy examines why people are so obsessed with true crime these days.

The Reasons

Here are some reasons why we are obsessed with true crimes:

  1. Attraction to the opposite- Simply because of the fact that we are taught from our childhood not to commit any crime, it makes us all the more curious about the mind and intention of these ‘other’ people who do this. By nature, human beings are prone to feel attracted to the opposite and it is one of the most important reasons behind our obsession with crime.
  2. For the Sake of Precaution- Various studies have shown that women are drawn to true crime books more than men and according to the experts, this happens because a woman’s psychology is more protective of herself than that of a man. As per the reports, though men fall victims of homicide more than women, when it comes to the matter of victimization by one’s intimate partner, women top the chart by seventy percent more than men. So basically, by reading crime fiction or watching a crime drama, they try to figure out how to survive in such a dangerous situation.
  3. A Sigh of Relief- We tend to feel more relieved by seeing the misery falling upon someone else and not on us while watching or reading information related to crime. Also, seeing someone committing a crime helps us to suppress our anger and vexation- we feel thankful after witnessing someone else is committing a crime and we’re not. In this case, we feel relieved because our lives are untouched from the consequent misery.
  4. Playing an Armchair Detective- Psychologists say a human mind loves something that stimulates their brain; something like a puzzle or mystery facts, etc. True crime gives people that chance where they can play the role of the savior, someone who solves the mystery and becomes a hero, despite sitting only at their drawing-room.
  5. Because There’s Thrill but Not the Danger- We all love goosebumps while reading fiction or watching a movie, don’t we? A work of crime fiction or crime drama does exactly this job, enhancing the fear and suspense of an unknown catastrophe. But we all know that in the end, it is just a tv show or a book after all! So, there is no real danger that is to come to us. This is what motivates people in many cases to delve deep into the darker sides of human psychology without having the risk factors.


Crime, no matter the kind, is a threat to our society. Handy suggests you understand that there is a fine line between being obsessed with crime and actually initiating it. It may seem a little bit weird but, there is no harm in learning to take precautions from crime fiction and drama or to enjoy the thrill in the form of entertainment they provide to us, as long as we are not negatively influenced.

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