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Matthew Davies Provides You with Fun Things to Do with Your Kids During Christmas Break

Matthew Davies Provides You with Fun Things to Do with Your Kids During Christmas Break


The Christmas season is here! Although you have been sweating over planning gifts for friends and family and organizing Christmas lunch, the worst is having kids around 24/7. If you have a single child, they will evidently get bored and nag you till you lose your cool. If you have more than two, it gets worse sorting out their fights and endless bickering. If you feel this is also your story, take a cue and make a list of activities your kids will love, and you will feel relieved having engaged them productively. In this article, Matthew Davies provides you with fun things to do with your kids during Christmas Break.

Things to Do

  1. DIY – Fun Do-it-yourself ideas are everywhere on the internet. According to the interest of your child, you could choose between craft making, painting, jewelry making out of waste products, or anything else that catches your child’s fancy. These will keep them involved for a good couple of hours and they will develop a skill at the same time. Creating a piece of art will also boost their mood.
  2. Christmas tree decorations – Though they must have been helping you decorate Christmas trees for the past few years, make it more exciting and innovative this time. Let them decide how to and give them the charge to shop for decorative items too. This way they will feel responsible and all grown up. If the kids are too young for that, you could ask them to make Christmas tree out of egg cartons or cups depending on what you can make easily available for them.
  3. Learn to bake – Christmas is the time to bake cake and cookies. You can show your kids how to bake and also involve them in decorating Christmas cookies and cake. They could be additional gifts to your friends and the kids will love that their bakery has been appreciated by all.
  4. Inculcate reading skills – The holiday season is when kids want to be away from books. Reading books is a habit you might develop during this break by gifting them colorful pictorial hard-bound storybooks that look tempting enough to read. For older kids get them short stories compilation that they might love. These fun habits are actually a great way to increase their vocabulary and writing skills.
  5. Board games – If it is snowing out at your place, it is all the more difficult to have kids indoors all the time. Get them new board games and teach them how to play. You can even ask them to have friends over to join them in the game as the more, the merrier. It will help them develop interactive skills and also teach them to play hosts.


Matthew Davies hopes these ideas will help you keep your kids busy this Winter Break. These tips prevent them from being hooked to the television all day. Also, if they are engaged well, it will help you maintain your sanity.

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