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Looking for Affordable Brain Tumor Surgery

The nervous system is arguably the most important organ system of the human body, as it controls the movement and function of every other organ system in the body. The primary organs of the nervous system are the brain and the spinal cord. These two organs send and receive nerve signals to and from every other major organ of the body by travelling electrical impulses via the nerve fibres which connects these two organs to the rest of our body.

Furthermore, among the different organs which make up the entirety of the nervous system, the brain is considered the most important. In fact, the brain may be defined as the most important organ in the entire human body. That is why the human body itself takes several precautions to protect the brain, as it is enclosed in the thick skull and protected further by a layer of tissues and fluid. In spite of all this, internal damages and infections still makes the brain vulnerable to diseases. And the worst of the diseases that can affect the brain is brain cancer.
Cancer begins in brain as a tumorous manifestation which later becomes cancerous or malignant.

Brain tumor is extremely hard to operate on and the cancer of the brain tissue is seldom fully eliminated. However, in recent times a lot of new surgical methods have been developed, which can provide a lot of relief to the patient and make great progresses towards permanently eliminating cancer from the brain. The proper medical terms for the various types of surgical methods utilized in treating brain tumors are craniotomy, gamma knife surgery, microsurgery and so on. Depending on the various methods employed, the brain tumor surgery cost in India can vary from anywhere between Rs. 30 lakhs to Rs. 60 lakhs, if treated at the best possible hospitals with modern state-of-the-art advanced surgical equipment, with the help of the top neurosurgeons in India.

Further, we discuss the individual costs of various surgical procedures for operating on the brain, depending on the methods and equipment used.

1) Craniotomy – Craniotomy is the most common and the most traditional method for operating on brain tumours. In this method, the bone tissue of the skull is cut open with precise instruments to expose the brain, and then it is operated on by trained surgeons. Since this method is that of an open-brain surgery, this possesses great risks to the patient, and must be carried out only by highly trained surgeons with specialised equipment. This makes the cost of the surgery to be a bit high, between Rs. 20 lakhs to Rs. 40 lakhs, depending on the hospital.

2) Gamma Knife Surgery – In this method of microsurgery, no exterior cuts are made, but a focused laser light is used to aim radio waves to the specific part of the brain which houses the tumor, thus breaking down the tumor and eliminating the threat of cancer. Since very sophisticated equipment is used for this method, the cost of the surgery can be quite high, ranging between Rs. 30 lakhs to Rs. 50 lakhs.

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