Friday, 24 May 2024

The Facts about Artificial Intelligence in Telecom Industry

The other name of artificial intelligence is machine learning. This technology is taking our lives to another level. Within few years from now it will create a powerful impact in the world. We no longer need to teach machines to perform a complex task for us. All we have to do is input the data and within seconds we will get the correct result. Artificial intelligence in telecom industry is being popular day by day. It has lot to contribute to this industry. Telecommunication service industry is one of the fastest growing industries in all the countries. It is using artificial intelligence, machine learning and internet of things a lot to serve their customer.

Every smart phone which we have in our hands has the application of artificial intelligence. There is hardly any person on earth who does not have smart phone. Whichever company launches a smart phone they do use a new feature of artificial intelligence. We can also say that artificial intelligence is a part of computer which emphasizes on thinking and working like any other normal human being. Today AI in telecom sector is a very popular subject to know about. Researchers are working more on it. In few smart Phones we do have the option to switch on the phone showing our face, this is nothing but the use of this technology. This technology helps to recognise the owner’s face. Therefore it is helping in reducing misuse of smart phones. remote work monitoring

We all can call Artificial Intelligence or AI a branch of computer science. Speech recognition is very much a part of new smart phones and this happens only due to AI technology. This topic is very popular and people are investing more time on it to upgrade it. Telecom industry hires employees who are aware on this particular topic. Artificial intelligence has a vast contribution to the telecom industry. Its most significant contribution is the classification of traffic, network optimization and utilization. It promises to give more features within the next few years. For the past 10 to 12 years this sector is using AI and researchers think AI’s main work is in the network management area.

By now we know that telecom industry is the most fertile field were producers can usartificialintelligence freely. In mobile communication it is very easy to find out fraud and also too much negative power works here. Using this technology the negative work is going to be reduced a lot. People can easily make a false identification proof and get a subscription using the fake IDs. Now mobile terminals are bound to have physical locations. So it is easy to detect fraud calls by analyzing the user’s calling behaviour. Voice detection is doing wonders. Sometime anti socials try to switch off the location identification but AI easily finds it out. Artificial intelligence also provides an advantage to automate customer service inquires. They route the customers to the correct agent who will be able to guide them properly.

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