Thursday, 13 Jun 2024


Today many people are suffering from the problem of grey hair at very young age. One of the reason is because of the chemical treatments which they go through. Chemical treatments like straightening or coloring not only leads to grey hairs but also it makes hair dry and cause dandruff as well. So it is recommended by the doctors to use best dandruff shampoo color treated hair only. These products will help in lowering the damage that is been caused by the chemical treatments. Apart from this reason there are many other reasons also that causes premature grey hairs. Some of them are listed below:

  • Your genetics: premature grey hairs are hugely connected to the genetics. According to some facts white people get grey hairs in early 20 of their age where as Asian people get grey hairs after their 25 years of age. But on the other hand African people get grey hairs after 30 years of age. So this totally depends upon the genes.
  • Oxidative stress: this type of stress imbalancesantioxidants in the body which start to harm the free radicals. More of oxidative stress leads to the development of ailments which also includes skin pigment issue. This skin pigment issue can lead to grey hairs as well. So it is better to manage this stress.
  • Specific type of medical conditions: there are some medical conditions that might lead to the risk of early grey hairs. According to some fact there is direct link of hormonal imbalance and hair abnormalities.
  • Stress of real life: real life stress is the origin to many health problems. More the stress in life more the risk of having grey hairs at early stage. It is one the factor that contributes in premature grey hairs.
  • Extensive smoking: according to the study, people who smoke on daily are likely to be more prone to the risk of having grey hairs at early age. It is directly linked to premature grey hairs.
  • Chemical hair dyes: people start taking experiments by using different hair dyes. Hair dyes contains chemicals that have bad effect on hairs as well as the scalp. They make hairs very dry and also the chances of premature grey hairs are also there.

If the grey hairs are because of genetic issue, then these cannot be cure. But if the premature grey hairs are due to other reasons then by following necessary precautions, they can be treated. One of the solution to this is to use color treated hair dandruff shampoo to prevent hair from chemical damage. Other natural way to handle these premature grey hairs are by eating balanced diet that includes all vitamins and minerals that are necessary for body. Deficiency in diet can also lead to grey hairs. Doctors recommend to eat fruits and vegetables that are rich in antioxidants that are helpful in averting grey hairs. A rich balanced diet will also help in managing the oxidative stress. It is better to include fresh vegetables, green tea, fish and olive oil in the diet as they are very good for the health of hairs.

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